Why People Don’t listen to you?

There are 10 reasons Why People Don’t listen to you
1. You’re always crying while speaking.
2. You’re Sel Obsessed in your talks
3. You Speak continuously without a pause
4. You are bad listener
5. You make others wrong
6. You manipulate
7. You are not passionate
8. You lack knowledge
9. You forget what you are saying
10. You’re always negative.

Image on Listening why people don't listen to you. A headphone as metaphor of ears of the people.

Why people don’t listen to you?

Well, ask anyone, he or she will tell you the same that people don’t listen to them. It is fact. We human beings don’t listen to each other. We just hear each other, that too only to hear and understand what we want to hear and understand. We don’t listen to get the other perspective on the matter. So, how do you deal with it when you have to communicate something but people don’t listen? No, I am not going to tell you today in this article on how to communicate effectively. We first need to look a why people don’t listen to you. Let us understand above mentioned 10 reasons in detail.

1) People Don’t listen to you because You’re always crying while speaking.
– Have you ever noticed that people’s expression change when you continue crying/complaining about others non stop? Most people will not react to it but their listening will goaway the moment they continuously listen to panic talks. Everyone loves gossips abt others but not at the cost of pleasant experience. You being a complaint maniac about people,places,process,things can have developed a notorious reputation about you. People may not listen to you unless forced or have no way to escape. I am not being rude. I am telling you the truth. When I say this, I am also included in this.

2) People Don’t listen to you because You’re Self Obsessed in your talks
– ‘I’ is the most important word for you than ‘We’?
– ‘Me’ is the more used word than ‘US’ in your conversations?
Possibility is that you are self obsessed. Now that is human. You don’t find anything wrong talking about yourself. Do talk about your self. But the conversations with family members, office colleagues, clients should not be only self focused.

3) People Don’t listen to you because You Speak continuously without a pause
– Take a pause while speaking. Be realistic and human in your talking. Don’t speak like robots do. You are not machine. Are you? What? Do you really don’t pause while speaking? Then it is obvious that people will get bored and wont listen to what ever you are saying. They will just pretend to listen, but are not listening.

4) People Don’t listen to you because You are bad listener
– What? If I am speaking…how can be listening ? That is what you thought in the mind? There you are. You just read this point and made your mind that this point is unfair or illogical even before I elaborate it. Got it ? No? Ok Listen. Many a times when you note that people are not listening because you interrupted them while they were speaking. Now as as you were not listening to them hence you interrupted, , means you are bad listener. As you interrupted them inbetween, the other party will not listen to what you are saying and then you complain that people are not listening to you. Got it now? Not yet? Ok let me put it in one line….Sometimes you live in a myth that you started the conversation and others are not listening but it is the rever situation. Notice this next time when you feel not listened by your peers. Possibility is that in some cases you will find how you have been screwing the conversations.

5) People Don’t listen to you because You make others wrong
– If you converse only to prove others wrong…why would someone listen to you? You just have to put the facts without using labels such as right or wrong. With this self-help article, I am not trying to make you wrong but help you improve your speaking skills so that you don’t have to continuously complain ( or run Rackets as they say in Landmark Forum) Why should you believe that I am not making you wrong? Well the answer lies in the introductory paragraph. Can you notice these lines…..”We human beings don’t listen to each other”….Yes dear. I am not making you wrong. We all do it. It is just habit which we need to change. You are awesome. I want you to be awesomest 🙂

6) People Don’t listen to you because You manipulate
– Yes You. You manipulate. People are interested in real talks and not manipulations. No one wants themselves to be fooled. What did you think? Btw, You are still awesome. It is just that you need to be honest and fact based in the conversations with others. We all need to be honest. But I am using the word ‘YOU’ because it is you who is spending your precious time to listen to me to help your friends,relatives,peers,boss,employees listen you better and effectively. You can do it (y)

7) People Don’t listen to you because You are not passionate
– Will you listen to a leader who is not passionate about what he speak? Will you feel for the heroic character if the dialogues don’t match the passion the director wants us to feel? No.
If your conversation lacks passion, people will be bored. You start looking into your mobile phone when the speaker lacks the passion in what he is talking. He loses you as an audience. If you do the same, you to lose a listener just because you were not passionate enough.

8) People Don’t listen to you because You lack knowledge
– Will you believe in a doctor who doesn’t have any knowledge about his field?
– Will you believe in a promise of a politician who seems knowledge less
– Will you believe in your boss if doesn’t know what he is speaking?
When you open your mouth, you use words, words form sentence, sentences form talk and talk transmits some knowledge. If you are just bluffing here and there, the listener will get you and will reduce the listening.

9) People Don’t listen to you because You forget what you were speaking
Articulation is a skill. If you lack it, you may are at risking of diverting topics from A to F to S To Z.
When you get carried away in the direction you forget from where you started the talk and when you took detour in the conversation. The listener already has lesser time…why would he listen to you when you are not sure what you are talking about?

10) People Don’t listen to you because You are always negative.
You talk negative about yourself,situations,organisations you work for. You talk negative about world, politics, celebrities. What new you are doing? What value you are creating for the listener? Why would stop listening others and start listening to you when everyone is already so negative and you don’t have anything different to offer? Talk positive. Pass good vibes in your surroundings.

I hope you will appreciate my efforts to help you realize potential reasons why People don’t listen to you. Now, read how you can be effective in communication so that others listen to you?