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How to get .edu backlinks ethically?

With the demise of black hat seo and rise of organic seo, it has become more important for SEO experts to develop a more quality and more authentic link back. Gone are the days when link-building activity was done with ease just by making forum posts and blog comments and directory submissions. Introduction of no-follow tag also created problems for link builders. Now, it is known fact that link building is must for Organic seo as well, you need to find out ways to build links creative and ethical way.

Getting .edu back links has been gaining more importance now. But it is not easy for everyone to get the back link from such a authoritative site. An education Institute’s website is not just another website which will pass on links just like that. As a professionally link builder you need to findout ways to earn the links from their site and which are legitimate.

Your research should begin with the study of .edu websites only. List the .edu domains from which you want to get link back. Checkout the website thoroughly to find where they have linked to an external site. Make a list of scope. Analyse the list again and then see if any of your website has an opportunity to be linked from .edu website. Once you findout the area where your link can appear, findout the way to get it there.  .edu website will link to your website either if they come to know via you naturally and feel like linking to your site so that it can help their website visitor or you approach them with your motive. Be honest in your approach. More importantly know why they should provide link to your website. If you are not convinced, they won’t be either. So, be genuine. No tricks, no gimmicks. Even if you get a back link by trick there, they will find it later on and remove it. The best approach is to be straight in your communication with them.

Now let us Guide you on various opportunities for link building from .edu website on the basis of our study of various education websites. Following are the ways out…..

1) Outgoing Link to online media reports
Educational institutes are public identities who often get featured in news papers and news websites on number of occasions be it during admission process, for festival celebration, for various events organised by them, during result time, etc. They loved to be get cover by news reporters. Once they find online stories about them, they post the link to story in the Media section of the .edu website. So, if you have media website or blog, you may run a story on them and earn chance to get the backlink from their .edu website if they put link to your web story.

2) Be a guest Speaker at Educational institute
Capacity development cells of all colleges and educational institutes regularly invite industry professionals to take guest lecture and enlighten their students with their insights. This is the easiest way to get .edu link website as their website will be having article containing information about you visiting as a guest along with your bio details. If they know that you have a website, they would love to mention it in their article. If they have blond spot about it and do not consider any such report, you may guide them to have such articles on their website so that students and other media professionals may take a hint from that story and use it as online press release.

3) Be guest blogger on .edu website
Incase you can not make in person to an institute which is so far from geographically, you have one more way to get the back link. And this time it is direct approach. Offer to be guest blogger on the education website. If you are good at blogging then they won’t mind giving out space to some one who is writing for free for their website. Blog authors have a bio section where you can put your weblink.

4) Forum Posts and Comments
This is One of the oldest tricks of link building which no longer works on most of the sites but trying the same on .edu website is no harm. Many .edu websites have forums and blog comments open for site visitors. If the website has enabled do-follow on outgoing links then you have hit the jackpot. Little bit of hard work is necessary to research and make list of such .edu websites. But who said that SEO is easy? Had it been that easy everyone could have made billions.

5) Target Resources Section on the .edu website
Many .edu websites have resource section which has link to online websites offering useful information to students and their visitors. For example .edu website for MBA programme may have resource section linking to online resources sharing articles and whitepapers on Management. If you have management case-studies available on your website for management student, you can approach the institution to put link to it on their website.

There can be number of tips and tricks to be share on ways to get backlink from .edu website but as of now these 5 should work.

Hope you liked this article and our efforts to guide you on link building for Organic SEO process.
We are committed to provide guidance, tricks, tips and ideas on various subjects via this online website.

Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google

‘Organic SEO for Google’ is the long-tail key phrase which matters to us, the organic seo consultants. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates turned the SEO industry upside down world wide. There were many heartaches as top ranking website not only ranked low but started disappearing from the serp. Many websites using blackhat seo techniques survived Panda, got crushed in penguine update. Google has maintained since the beginning in its webmaster’s guideline about the quality standard of a website to rank well in Google search engine.

What is Organic SEO?
With the demise of black hat SEO post panda-penguine, the new terminology emerged for white hat seo. i.e. Organic SEO.
The phrase  Organic SEO is made of two words.  Organic + SEO where Organic means Natural and SEO means Search Engine optimisation. The Organic SEO Process is that in which you don’t over do SEO and simply follow the Google’s webmaster guideline ethically to get your website indexed and ranked higher for the targeted keywords.

Why is organic seo important?
As lots of black hat seo experts were spamming the google search algorithm, Google had no option left other than striking with Panda and Penguine updates. Google search is flagship product of Google company. The reason Google enjoys the highest market share in online Search market, it is only because of its quality search results which were not matched by Yahoo search or Bing or any other search engine on world wide web. To sum up, Organic SEO is important for better user experience visitors not only for Google but for your website too.

If you an aspiring SEO enthusiast and is looking for an online guide to answer question like “how to do organic seo?” then let us share with you Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google. If you like this basic introduction to new age SEO, please let us know by commenting on this webpage.

Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google
1) Register a keyword reach domain name
2) Create an SEO friendly website as per Google Webmasters’ guideline
3) Add website to Google’s index using google webmaster tools via Search Console
4) Try to get quality link building 
5) Continuously update the website with new useful content

SEO is such a vast subject which can be discussed technically, strategically,ethically and on the basic of many other perspectives. In this article, we are trying to show you a larger picture from the top angle. Take this with a pinch of salt and try to understand the larger context as explained. Here we go.

Organic SEO Guide

1) Register a keyword reach domain name
On the basis of our experience in seo industry, we guarantee you that this is one of the most important factor in the Organic SEO process. Try to have one of your most important keyword in the domain name. For e.g.  the domain name of this website is keyword. i.e.
The domain name contains ‘Guide‘ the most important keyword for this website and Guide + A2z together also conveys that the this website offers complete guide on various topics. If wanted this website for SEO guide only then we could have added the keyword SEO also somewhere in the domain name but we wish this site to be online guide for range of subjects. Thus a small yet seo friendly and user friendly domain name is surely a win win strategy. Make it sure that your domain is not filled with keywords only. If your site doesn’t offer relevant good content then exact match domains are considered spam.
For the Organic SEO purpose, the other factor to consider while registering a domain is the domain extension. If you are targeting the visitors of any specific country then you should go for country specific domain names. If you are a photographer then .photography domain extension is for you. In the early years of internet only a few domain extension were available but the range has expanded a lot in recent years. So the conclusion is….Select the best keyword reach domain with appropriate domain extension. Here we are done with the first step of Organic SEO Process.

2) Create an SEO friendly website as per Google Webmasters’ guideline
Q. How to get your website on the first page of Google for targeted keywords?
A. By developing a website as per Google webmasters’ Guideline

How simple is that? Yes. We mean it.  Developing an seo friendly website is not rocket science. You just have to follow the guideline provided by google. It included what to do and what not do. To brief you in short, all your targeted keywords should be present in webpage url, H1 tag, Alt tag, In the content body and the links to it from inside the website. The most important place on the website to have the Keywords is Title Tag. Having keywords in the domain, title tag and in the body covers almost 50% of the organic seo. Your website to be eligible for indexing and ranking, must have an original and useful content. The language and code quality of the website also should be impeccable. Having a responsive website is latest SEO factor. There is much more to be taken into consideration for developing an seo friendly website. You can findout more at Google webmasters’ guideline. You may come up with creative SEO ideas but apply them in compliance with the guideline to avoid any negative effect in future seo performance.

3) Add website to Google’s index using google webmaster tools via Search Console
Once you are sure that your website is in compliance with the Google webmaster guideline, submit the url to google via google webmaster tools. Google bots will visit your website and index them gradually depending upon the quality and quantity of the website. Ideally a new wordpress website with no back link gets visited by google bots in a day and the homepage gets indexed on the same day.

4) Try to get quality link building
Ideally,if we are talking about Organic SEO practice, then the link building should not come in a picture and backlinks should be built organically purely on the quality and usefulness of the site to others. But you can not wait for someone to acknowledge for you efforts and link to your website on their website. You have to do ethical and quality link building with some restraint.
Avoid participating in link exchange a bad seo link building strategy which will only earn your website penalty from google.
There are two ways to do good link building.
1) Be part of relevant online forums which allow do-follow signature links.
2) Find a scope for others and request them to link to your website on their website which will eventually help their site visitors. For e.g. if you writing an article on you website regarding online marketing and there is mention of Organic SEO Process, you can link it to this article. Thus, our guide a2z website will get relevant link back and your article reader will also appreciate you directing them to other useful information which may help them.

5) Continuously update the website with new useful content
Google loves fresh content. If there are two articles about Organic SEO process and if ours is latest article with other factors remaining the same, we will rank higher in SERP than the sites which were not updated recently. Google’s endevour is to offer as fresh content as it can to its users. By creating fresh content you are helping them serve the google search engine users. When you make Google happy, Google makes you happy by putting your website on top of the SERP.

Hope, you found Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google useful and many of your seo related query could have been answered.