20 Ideas for Facebook status updates with msgs and photos

You are active on facebook and have gained lots of friends from various walks of life including school friends, relatives, family members, teachers and professors, various special interest groups based on the activities you love and do in your life and the people who add you on facebook via mutual friends when they find your status updates interesting. Now what may be an interesting facebook status update may not be appealing to other group of people. While you are not going to make any money with facebook status updates but sometimes getting more and more likes on FB status gives more kick than making money in personal life. So here we are sharing with you Facebook content guideline for individual profiles. If you like our online guide to create content for your facebook timeline, feel free to share our website link on your wall. We will appreciate the gratitude.

Ideas for Facebook status update with msgs and photos

Here are the Ideas for Facebook status updates :
1) Share your Childhood memories with text and Photos
2) Share the routine problems you face and ask for help
3) Share your opinion on various current affairs
4) Do movie reviews
5) Criticize wrong doings in the society
6) Wish birthday to friends on your FB wall
7) Post Photos of various events you attend
8) Post personal portrait photos
9) Try to post in various languages
10) Do check in when at popular places
11) Use Feelings option on Facebook
12) Praise people and institution who help you anyway
13) Post Motivation quotes posters
14) Create your own FB quotes
15) Share latest news article links
16) Share youtube videos
17) Reshare others; FB posts
18) Reshare your own old Posts
19) Do pranks
20) Be creative

Let us explore all these Ideas for Facebook status updates in detail.

Idea no.1) Share your Childhood memories with text and Photos
Your FB friend list consist of people who have either been part of your childhood memories or not.  Making an FB status update about your childhood days will surely be interesting to both the categories. You can upload photos and use text msgs which tells your childhood stories.

Idea no.2) Share the routine problems you face and ask for help
Have you ever noticed that we human often hesitate to ask for help when in difficulty?
Our offline behaviour replicates online as well. While some people misuse Facebook and other social media platform to create problems for others, you can take help of others on Facebook to solve your offline problems. You just have to share your problem on your FB wall and wait for FB friends and their friends to jump in to help you  with their knowledge and wisdom. One caution though. Be honest with this FB status idea. Use it only when you are really in problem. using it just for sake of it will decline your credibility and people will avoid commenting your status update.  Be clever. You want fb status that will get alot of likes. Right? Then respect your online friends.

Idea no.3) Share your opinion on various current affairs
FB asks us ‘What is on your mind’. Let us answer it with our opinions on various current affairs be it related to politics or environment, culture or cinema, music or routine daily life. Your opinions on various current affairs help create your online identity. Be ready to get opposite opinions or criticism of your opinion from your Facebook friends. Your status update is yours. Comment ares is theirs as well. Respect opinions of everyone. If your facebook status update msg if gets comments in any flavour then don’t come in a way if you want people to engage in conversation on your FB wall. If you disrespect their comments on your facebook status update, the side effect is that, they will stop commenting and airing their point of views.

Idea no.4) Do movie reviews
Now do we really need to say anything about this? Movies are for mass and status update on it surely attracts people.

Idea no.5) Criticize wrong doings in the society
Be a responsible and proactive citizen. Speak against the wrong doings in the society. Be it poor status of women in the society or child labour, situation of poor people or disable people.
Share what you are concerned about. But again, be honest in your concern. Share only if you care.

Idea no.6) Wish birthday to friends on your FB wall
Surprised? You have options to either wish them on their walls or send Private msgs. But possibility is that your msg will be lost in flood of others birthday wishes to your friend. When you make a birthday post on your FB wall and tag them, it becomes special.

Idea no.7) Post Photos of various events you attend
You attend various social and professional events. Do share photos and details of random events.

Idea no.8) Post personal portrait photos
How can we forget this? Mark our words, your personal portrait photos will be one of your most popular Facebook status updates and earn maximum likes.

Idea no.9) Try to post in various languages
Making a status update only in one language is not a good idea. Various people in your FB friend list are comfortable with various languages. If your Facebook status updates post is in English language only then people who are not proficient in reading and understanding English won’t like it. If you make status updates only in your regional language then others who don’t understand your regional language will get frustrated. The best idea is to try multiple language daily.

Idea no.10) Do check-in when at popular places
Using checkin option on facebook
You can use check-in option on facebook to show people where you are travelling recently. Possibility is that some of them might be travelling to the same place and you may find companion there to kill time or as a helping hand for some work there.  Check in option is more than showoff.

Idea no.11) Use Feelings option on Facebook
Using feeling option on facebook

Idea no.12) Praise people and institution who help you anyway
Gratitude is a good a quality. Many People use social media to bully others. You may use the same platform to thank the people and institution who benefited you.

Idea no.13) Post Motivation quotes posters
Oh yeah. No matter how much emotional strong we are, we surely need motivation. Post Motivation quotes posters to create positive energy for you and your facebook friends.

Idea no.14) Create your own FB quotes
You are born intelligent. Your experience,knowledge and wisdom must not remain hidden. While sharing the quotes of great personalities is surely a good thing to do, but creating something on your own and sharing with others will satisfy you immensely. Take pledge to create your own FB quotes.

Idea no.15) Share latest news article links
We are talking about FB status update then we must know that people want to love to be updated about various things. Sharing latest news article links good idea.

Idea no.16) Share youtube videos
Increase in internet speed across world has enabled internet users to watch videos online. People love to watch web series, funny videos, cute clips of pets, romantic songs, speeches of famous celebrities etc. You may find variety of videos on youtube and you just have to paste the link on your FB wall.

Idea no.17) Reshare FB posts of others
This is one of the easiest and least time consuming idea to do FB status update. You just have to click on SHARE button on your friends’ fb posts.
Reshare friends post on facebook

Idea no.18) Reshare your own old FB posts
When feeling lazy but still want to update FB, then you may revisit your old FB status updates and share one of them which had earned you lots of like and comments earlier. Cute no ? 😛

Idea no.19) Do pranks
Yes. You read it right. Facebook is fun place. Have fun with your self and with others by making a prank status updates. But do accept in the end that what you did was just prank and nothing else.

Idea no.20) Be creative
Be creative. Think more Ideas for Facebook status update with msgs and photos to get likes and comments.