Why People Don’t listen to you?

There are 10 reasons Why People Don’t listen to you
1. You’re always crying while speaking.
2. You’re Sel Obsessed in your talks
3. You Speak continuously without a pause
4. You are bad listener
5. You make others wrong
6. You manipulate
7. You are not passionate
8. You lack knowledge
9. You forget what you are saying
10. You’re always negative.

Image on Listening why people don't listen to you. A headphone as metaphor of ears of the people.

Why people don’t listen to you?

Well, ask anyone, he or she will tell you the same that people don’t listen to them. It is fact. We human beings don’t listen to each other. We just hear each other, that too only to hear and understand what we want to hear and understand. We don’t listen to get the other perspective on the matter. So, how do you deal with it when you have to communicate something but people don’t listen? No, I am not going to tell you today in this article on how to communicate effectively. We first need to look a why people don’t listen to you. Let us understand above mentioned 10 reasons in detail.

1) People Don’t listen to you because You’re always crying while speaking.
– Have you ever noticed that people’s expression change when you continue crying/complaining about others non stop? Most people will not react to it but their listening will goaway the moment they continuously listen to panic talks. Everyone loves gossips abt others but not at the cost of pleasant experience. You being a complaint maniac about people,places,process,things can have developed a notorious reputation about you. People may not listen to you unless forced or have no way to escape. I am not being rude. I am telling you the truth. When I say this, I am also included in this.

2) People Don’t listen to you because You’re Self Obsessed in your talks
– ‘I’ is the most important word for you than ‘We’?
– ‘Me’ is the more used word than ‘US’ in your conversations?
Possibility is that you are self obsessed. Now that is human. You don’t find anything wrong talking about yourself. Do talk about your self. But the conversations with family members, office colleagues, clients should not be only self focused.

3) People Don’t listen to you because You Speak continuously without a pause
– Take a pause while speaking. Be realistic and human in your talking. Don’t speak like robots do. You are not machine. Are you? What? Do you really don’t pause while speaking? Then it is obvious that people will get bored and wont listen to what ever you are saying. They will just pretend to listen, but are not listening.

4) People Don’t listen to you because You are bad listener
– What? If I am speaking…how can be listening ? That is what you thought in the mind? There you are. You just read this point and made your mind that this point is unfair or illogical even before I elaborate it. Got it ? No? Ok Listen. Many a times when you note that people are not listening because you interrupted them while they were speaking. Now as as you were not listening to them hence you interrupted, , means you are bad listener. As you interrupted them inbetween, the other party will not listen to what you are saying and then you complain that people are not listening to you. Got it now? Not yet? Ok let me put it in one line….Sometimes you live in a myth that you started the conversation and others are not listening but it is the rever situation. Notice this next time when you feel not listened by your peers. Possibility is that in some cases you will find how you have been screwing the conversations.

5) People Don’t listen to you because You make others wrong
– If you converse only to prove others wrong…why would someone listen to you? You just have to put the facts without using labels such as right or wrong. With this self-help article, I am not trying to make you wrong but help you improve your speaking skills so that you don’t have to continuously complain ( or run Rackets as they say in Landmark Forum) Why should you believe that I am not making you wrong? Well the answer lies in the introductory paragraph. Can you notice these lines…..”We human beings don’t listen to each other”….Yes dear. I am not making you wrong. We all do it. It is just habit which we need to change. You are awesome. I want you to be awesomest 🙂

6) People Don’t listen to you because You manipulate
– Yes You. You manipulate. People are interested in real talks and not manipulations. No one wants themselves to be fooled. What did you think? Btw, You are still awesome. It is just that you need to be honest and fact based in the conversations with others. We all need to be honest. But I am using the word ‘YOU’ because it is you who is spending your precious time to listen to me to help your friends,relatives,peers,boss,employees listen you better and effectively. You can do it (y)

7) People Don’t listen to you because You are not passionate
– Will you listen to a leader who is not passionate about what he speak? Will you feel for the heroic character if the dialogues don’t match the passion the director wants us to feel? No.
If your conversation lacks passion, people will be bored. You start looking into your mobile phone when the speaker lacks the passion in what he is talking. He loses you as an audience. If you do the same, you to lose a listener just because you were not passionate enough.

8) People Don’t listen to you because You lack knowledge
– Will you believe in a doctor who doesn’t have any knowledge about his field?
– Will you believe in a promise of a politician who seems knowledge less
– Will you believe in your boss if doesn’t know what he is speaking?
When you open your mouth, you use words, words form sentence, sentences form talk and talk transmits some knowledge. If you are just bluffing here and there, the listener will get you and will reduce the listening.

9) People Don’t listen to you because You forget what you were speaking
Articulation is a skill. If you lack it, you may are at risking of diverting topics from A to F to S To Z.
When you get carried away in the direction you forget from where you started the talk and when you took detour in the conversation. The listener already has lesser time…why would he listen to you when you are not sure what you are talking about?

10) People Don’t listen to you because You are always negative.
You talk negative about yourself,situations,organisations you work for. You talk negative about world, politics, celebrities. What new you are doing? What value you are creating for the listener? Why would stop listening others and start listening to you when everyone is already so negative and you don’t have anything different to offer? Talk positive. Pass good vibes in your surroundings.

I hope you will appreciate my efforts to help you realize potential reasons why People don’t listen to you. Now, read how you can be effective in communication so that others listen to you?

Is Landmark Forum a Cult or MLM scam?

If ever you have been told by your near or dear one be it family member, friend, neighbor, employee, colleague, boss, husband, wife, boyfriend or girl friend about his or her participation in three days landmark forum, and if you see them forcing you to participate the landmark forum you will find that something has happened to them. The people who want you to do landmark forum are so compassionate that their force brings negativity in the conversation when you right away say no as you would not spend big money for just three and half day self help programme that too recommended by someone who has just attended it and is yet to achieve the results. When such negativity around landmark forum and the person is created in your mind, the first thought that comes to you mind is….what made that person invite you to spend your weekend and big money ? You will either find it MLM scheme, or a scam or cult that brainwashes the followers and forces the participants to bring more participants. You don’t exactly know happens inside the three and half day Landmark forum that happens inside closed doors with lots of privacy. You begin to doubt your near and dear one’s motives of inviting you to such self help programmes. Let me put across a point of view to tell you how Landmark forum is not cult, scam or mlm scheme.

What is Landmark forum ?
– Landmark forum is one of the flagship self help training programme offered to individuals world wide. The programme is conducted From Friday early morning to Sunday late night.
Timings for each day are 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. They would have Lunch break, dinner break, and couple of small break at the regular interval of 3 hrs.
–  Lunch and dinner are not provided at the Landmark forum. The participants have to manage them on their own. Also, during a lunch break, participants need to do certain exercise given in the previous session. So most people prefer to bring food from home or visit a near by restaurant.
– As per Landmark Forum official website the three days schedule includes sessions on Already Always Listening™,The Hidden Power of Context,The Vicious Circle™,Rackets™: The Payoff and the Cost,The Illusion of Someday: Rethinking Possibility
Freedom from Anxiety,How Identities Get Constructed,The Pervasive Influence of the Past ,Change vs. Transformation. All these are called landmark distinctions which help you to complete the past, live in the present and invent the future you would love to live in.
– At the regular intervals they offer the landmark forum participants to register for Advance course. The participants are pursued for the good as one single foundation course won’t be enough to deal with number of things.
– The participants are pursued-ed to invite their friends,family members and other near and dear ones to come and register for the Landmark forum. Those who can’t invite or are not ready to invite others are pursued-ed but not tortured or given any monetary motivation.
– During this three and half days, most the participant realise how they are stuck in the past which is costing their present in fear of future. At landmark forum they realise how they became who they are today. They realize that they are result of circumstances and some decisions they made in rough situations. They realise why their relations with others are not good. And for everything, they realise that it is them who need to repair things instead of blaming others. As soon as the realization comes, the individuals invent a possibility of new improved life for themselves and others in their lives.
– Once they come out of the forum, they realize that it is them who have done landmark and not the world. The powerful participants when reconnect with existing world on Monday onward, the encounter problems,cynicism, and not so good experience from the people around. But as they have done landmark forum, they know that they have certain tools to deal with breakdowns. Not everyone gets it perfectly at forum  hence a 2-3 months long seminar programmer is offered for free. The seminar is strong revision of what the participants acquired at forum. The Landmark Forum in Action seminar provides a structure of coaching and support to practice and use distinctions to apply to your daily life in order to deal with breakdowns and get breakthroughs in relationship, business etc.
– The forum helps you break the artificial identity of yours and build a powerful person without running away from your responsibilities.

So…..Why Landmark forum is not cult?
– Well, Landmark forum is not cult because Landmark forum is not cult.
If you see and use the word CULT to relate to something which brainwashes the participant to gain monetary and physically from them and they stop them seeing the world from their own eyes, separated from near and dear ones, then Landmark forum is not cult. Landmark forum gives you one more perspective to look at the life. In the beginning of the forum only the participants are told that they are many programmes in the world who promise to give the same outcome to the participants but landmark is different in terms of methodology and results achievement. They don’t separate people from their family and friends. In fact they reunite them by making the participant realize their own mistake for not taking of that relation.
The realization doesn’t happen easily. The participants go through emotional turmoil. Some don’t wish to go through it authentically hence label it as brainwashing.

So… Why Landmark forum is not MLM scam?
– What is MLM scam in the first place? And why do you think Landmark forum is MLM scam?
Well in MLM scams what happens is…that people are motivated to aggressively bring more and more members for monetary returns. The new members are offered the same monetary returns. The members are asked to make some investment first before they start making money. Initially the MLM scamster give out the payment but once their target of getting money via investment fee of new members is achieved, the MLM companies are shut, the owners runaway and the participants lose their money and hope both. Now, nothing of this short happens with Landmark forum. The landmark forum participants are pursued-ed to invite their near and dear ones and register for the forum. Yes, they are emotionally pursued, sometime called selfish that they don’t want their relatives to get the same benefit they have achieved through this forum. Well, this is their sales tactic which doesn’t go well with many people. But for no reason it is a MLM scam. No participants are offered monetary returns to make members. Also, they are offering self development programme and not some money in return as promised in MLM scams. Many people make mistake of calling Landmark forum an MLM scam as the participants who have tremendously achieved want their known people to achieve the same and they do this with force same as MLM members do.

Thus, The Landmark forum is not cult.  The Landmark forum is not MLM scam.
The landmark forum is selfhelp programmes where people reinvent themselves to get free from the clutches of past, start living in the present and invent beautiful future by firmly dealing with daily breakdowns and creating breakthroughs using leadership distinctions learnt at the forum.

How to make no budget short film in India

The paradigms have change in India after Anurag Kashyap era that emerged with the success of DEV D, Gulaal, Gangs of Wasseypur. Rise of independent hindi film directors like Imtiaz ali, Dibakar banerjee, Vikas bahl and others have inspired an entire new generation of filmmakers to step in. While many can not make feature films directly, they have started taking small steps by making short films. Anurag kashyap made short films. Kahani director Sujoy ghosh made Hindi short film Ahalya. Now they made these films after they gained success with their feature films so, short doesn’t need to be stepping stone to feature but may be a successful format in itself.  Independent stake holders like Shamiana, India Film Project, Mami and others have provided wonderful platform to aspiring Indian short film makers. Shamiana the short film club regularly hosts short film screenings across India. Indian film project ( Earlier Ahmedabad Film project) is 50 hours short film making competition which has huge participation from across the globe. Best shorts films made by amateur short film makers from India and abroad are awarded certificate and prizes by Bollywood celebrities.  And with the rise of digital media usage, shot film and short videos are set to consumed in huge quantity in time to come. If you are aspiring to make short film, wait no more and make your short film today. Here is the detailed information on how to make no budget short film in India.

How to make no budget short film in India
1) Build a team of like minded aspiring film makers
2) Assign roles and fix responsibilities
3) Write story and screenplay for short film
4) Casting the right actors
5) Shoot the film
6) Edit them film
7) Make the final copy
8) Distribute the short film

Let us understand the Short film making process in detail :-

1) Build a team of like minded aspiring film makers for no budget short film
Ideally a director and producer is called film maker. But for the sake of this article we call each member of  entire team as film maker. A film is made not by individual but by team. Whether feature or short, a film is a collaborative process of multiple artists coming together to shoot at the same goal post. A short film making team requires writer,director,Sound recording artist,actors,Cinematographer,editor and Music director. These are skilled based requirements.
Short film’s budget consist of fees towards these artists. When they all come together to produce a short film, there is no requirement to pay the fees and it becomes the project of everyone in the team. Each team member is producer of the short film in proportional contributions.

2) Assign roles and fix responsibilities for no budget short film :-
This is the most crucial part. You may wonder how this point is different from point no.1?
Well there is a huge difference. While you make a team consisting various artists thinking they will perform their role best in making of a short film, you will be surprise to know that when you start shooting a short film, each and every team player on the set will start behaving like a film director. Not necessary that it has to happen. But if you ask any experienced film maker around, he or she will have a story to share in this context. While all artists come together to make a short film, a clear distinction should be made on paper and cleared to them what are the things that to be done by them only and when. It must be conveyed to each team member that there is a limit which should not be crossed by anyone. No one should come in way of another.  A film is director’s medium and when everyone starts directing on set, it becomes mess. The film may be for fun but film making is serious business. So, make roles clear, protocols clear.

3) Write story and screenplay for no budget short film
Story and screenplay for short film is more important  for feature film as later has lots of things to offer but a short film on 5 minutes or less or more has to dependent mostly on story and screenplay. In short film you have tell your story in such a short time that the role of film writer becomes way important than any other team member except Director. A short film writer must not follow the structure of feature film writing as you have lesser time to show everything.

4) Casting for no budget short film
Once the story and screenplay of a short film is ready, the next step in the process is to cast actors for various roles. The director has already cast actors on pro-Bono basis. As they are partner in the crime, you pay no fees 😉 But profit 😀 😛
Explain their role and lines well.

5) Shoot the no budget short film 
Everything is set and the team is ready to hit the floor on the set. Now, director and cinematographer will decide various location and composition for each scene. The cinematographer with his shooting equipments such a DSLR camera, handy cam or high end smart phone such as I phone and others will shoot the film as per requirements.
During the shoot, the sound recording artist will record the minute sound of things and props and everything else which will make the film feel real.

6) Edit the no budget short film
You are done with shooting the short film  and the entire video footage is ready in huge quantity. Everything you shoot doesn’t go in the film. It is editor’s task to give the final shape to the film as per script. He may cut the scene you thought was wonderful. Well you should allow him to do so if he can convince you. Be open to other views. As said before, film making is a collaborative process.

7) Make final copy
Once the director and editor agree on the final version, they need to make the final copy which will be called you ‘Short Film’. Be proud of it. It doesn’t have too be like what you had imagined before shooting. It is never the same. It just need to be give the same feel but need not be the same way you had visualized. Saying again, be proud of it.

8) Distribute the film
As you are making no budget short film, I am seeing you as an aspirant film maker who doesn’t care much about money making at this stage. If it is your first film or one of the firts, my advice to you is that upload it on all possibly video sharing sites to reachout the as large audience you can. Youtube is your first platform. Vimeo, facebook video are also there. Share the youtube video link to people using social media such as twitter, facebook, whatsapp. Share the film on whatsapp. Whatsapp may turnout to be the most powerful distributor as people have tendency to forward the content on whatsapp. If they audience like your short film, there is a chance to become it viral. As we have no marketing budget, this is surely a big win. Seach for more option online and make best use of them. The other way is to participate in short film clubs and short film competitions held online and offline.

For more tips and tricks related to film making, keep visiting our website. Guide A2z.

How to convert colour photo into black and white in photoshop

There comes a time when you may like to have monochrome or black and white version of your photo. Most digital cameras offer incamera black and white photo option. Incase you took colour photos and now want to have black and white, don’t worry. We will guide you about How to convert colour photo into black and white in photoshop with short cut.

How to conver colour photo into black and white in photoshop

Method : 1 Applieng the Shortcut
Step 1 : Open the original colour photo in photoshop
(Make sure you have one more copy of the photo)

Step 2 : Apply the shortcut i.e. ctrl+shift+u

Step 3: Check if the tones are as per expectation. If not, you may need to work on highlights, shadows and mid-tone using various tools.

or use

Method : 2 Using Gradient map
Using gradient map in photoshop to convert colour photo into black and white

Step 1 :  Open the original colour photo in photoshop
(Make sure you have one more copy of the photo)

Step 2 : Go to Image > Adjustment > Gradient Map

Step 3 : Select the black and white colours on extreme end

Hope you liked our Photoshop guide to convert colour photo into black and white photo.

Ideas on How to increase Facebook likes on status updates for free

It is human to have the tendency to get liked by the people. It is human to get approvals on things to become more confident. It is human to get happy with fame, popularity and publicity.
Hence, there is nothing wrong to search for ideas to increase Facebook likes on status updates for free. Today on this website we will guide  you on the same. Feel free to use this tips.

Creative Ideas on How to increase Facebook likes on status updates for free?
1) Create and Post unique status update
2) Take strong side on controversial topics
3) Regularly like your facebook friends’ status updates and comment on it
4) Reply to others’ comment on your status update
5) Make Facebook status Updates daily
6) Be helping hand to others
7) Make more online friends
8) Do use pvt chat facility

Let us understand each idea in details.

Idea no.1) Create and Post unique status updates
Your status update is your point of view on various things. Be it clever or funny, serious or hilarious, your status update conveys something to your online friends who get to see your status update on their timeline. Most of people post forwarded jokes and quote. To win facebook likes your status updates need to be unique. Creating unique content on your own is the way out.

Idea no.2) Take strong side on controversial topics
Yes. We mean it. It will help two ways. A controversial topic always have two major sides. One will be on your side and others will be in opposition. When you take one side of the discussion, you are likely to get likes of other like minded people. The others who dislike your status update may not turn enemy but surely comments on your status update or keep eye on the ongoing conversation on your FB wall. In any case you are benefited.

Idea no.3) Regularly like your facebook friends’ status updates and comment on it
No. We are not saying that you like each and everything for sake of it. You only have to hit the like button when you actually like the status update made by your facebook friends. When you comment on their status updates it will help two ways. 1) Your friend will feel important and will reciprocate whenever and whenever you deserve. 2) When you comment on their status updates, you are seen by mutual friends and other people who are not in your friend list. If they like your comment, they are likely to visit your FB profile and go through your facebook status updates on your timeline. Possibility is that they may endup liking your status updates. Let it be natural but be proactive. This like exchange is ethical.

Idea no.4) Reply to others’ comment on your status update
This is very important. When someone comments on your status update and  you reply to them then you are benefited by two ways. 1) As you comment on your own post, people who earlier had missed your post may now end up seeing on their timeline. 2) When you reply to people’s comment on your wall they feel important and like to come again for more conversations on your FB wall. The more the conversation the more the reach of the particular status update.

Idea no.5) Make Facebook status Updates daily
Consistency is the key. When you make daily facebook status updates, people wait for your msg as they find them interesting.

Idea no.6) Be helping hand to others
People like the resourceful people. If you come to help various people regularly, then you are bound to be popular among mass. The more popular you are, the more popular your facebook updates as well. The more popular are the Facebook status updates they more they will be liked by the followers.

Idea no.7) Make more online friends
Your likes come of real people who are in your friend list. The more friends you have in your friend list the more reach your status updates have. More the reach, more the possibility of liking.

Idea no.8) Do use pvt chat facility
You may wonder how this may help in increasing facebook status likes? Well it helps two ways.
1) When you personally chat with someone, they get to know your more personally and discuss things which they may not discuss on wall, in public. Personal chats on FB messenger brings people neared. The more familiar and intimate you become, the more you may like to like and comment on the status updates of each other.
2) When you do pvt chat with someone via FB messenger, the FB engine algorithm takes it as important signal to show each other’s status updates on their respective timeline.

Hope these Ideas on How to increase Facebook likes on status updates will be useful to you. Feel free to share this article on google plus and facebook. If you own a blog or website, you may link to our guide website offering tricks,tips,guidance and ideas.

20 Ideas for Facebook status updates with msgs and photos

You are active on facebook and have gained lots of friends from various walks of life including school friends, relatives, family members, teachers and professors, various special interest groups based on the activities you love and do in your life and the people who add you on facebook via mutual friends when they find your status updates interesting. Now what may be an interesting facebook status update may not be appealing to other group of people. While you are not going to make any money with facebook status updates but sometimes getting more and more likes on FB status gives more kick than making money in personal life. So here we are sharing with you Facebook content guideline for individual profiles. If you like our online guide to create content for your facebook timeline, feel free to share our website link on your wall. We will appreciate the gratitude.

Ideas for Facebook status update with msgs and photos

Here are the Ideas for Facebook status updates :
1) Share your Childhood memories with text and Photos
2) Share the routine problems you face and ask for help
3) Share your opinion on various current affairs
4) Do movie reviews
5) Criticize wrong doings in the society
6) Wish birthday to friends on your FB wall
7) Post Photos of various events you attend
8) Post personal portrait photos
9) Try to post in various languages
10) Do check in when at popular places
11) Use Feelings option on Facebook
12) Praise people and institution who help you anyway
13) Post Motivation quotes posters
14) Create your own FB quotes
15) Share latest news article links
16) Share youtube videos
17) Reshare others; FB posts
18) Reshare your own old Posts
19) Do pranks
20) Be creative

Let us explore all these Ideas for Facebook status updates in detail.

Idea no.1) Share your Childhood memories with text and Photos
Your FB friend list consist of people who have either been part of your childhood memories or not.  Making an FB status update about your childhood days will surely be interesting to both the categories. You can upload photos and use text msgs which tells your childhood stories.

Idea no.2) Share the routine problems you face and ask for help
Have you ever noticed that we human often hesitate to ask for help when in difficulty?
Our offline behaviour replicates online as well. While some people misuse Facebook and other social media platform to create problems for others, you can take help of others on Facebook to solve your offline problems. You just have to share your problem on your FB wall and wait for FB friends and their friends to jump in to help you  with their knowledge and wisdom. One caution though. Be honest with this FB status idea. Use it only when you are really in problem. using it just for sake of it will decline your credibility and people will avoid commenting your status update.  Be clever. You want fb status that will get alot of likes. Right? Then respect your online friends.

Idea no.3) Share your opinion on various current affairs
FB asks us ‘What is on your mind’. Let us answer it with our opinions on various current affairs be it related to politics or environment, culture or cinema, music or routine daily life. Your opinions on various current affairs help create your online identity. Be ready to get opposite opinions or criticism of your opinion from your Facebook friends. Your status update is yours. Comment ares is theirs as well. Respect opinions of everyone. If your facebook status update msg if gets comments in any flavour then don’t come in a way if you want people to engage in conversation on your FB wall. If you disrespect their comments on your facebook status update, the side effect is that, they will stop commenting and airing their point of views.

Idea no.4) Do movie reviews
Now do we really need to say anything about this? Movies are for mass and status update on it surely attracts people.

Idea no.5) Criticize wrong doings in the society
Be a responsible and proactive citizen. Speak against the wrong doings in the society. Be it poor status of women in the society or child labour, situation of poor people or disable people.
Share what you are concerned about. But again, be honest in your concern. Share only if you care.

Idea no.6) Wish birthday to friends on your FB wall
Surprised? You have options to either wish them on their walls or send Private msgs. But possibility is that your msg will be lost in flood of others birthday wishes to your friend. When you make a birthday post on your FB wall and tag them, it becomes special.

Idea no.7) Post Photos of various events you attend
You attend various social and professional events. Do share photos and details of random events.

Idea no.8) Post personal portrait photos
How can we forget this? Mark our words, your personal portrait photos will be one of your most popular Facebook status updates and earn maximum likes.

Idea no.9) Try to post in various languages
Making a status update only in one language is not a good idea. Various people in your FB friend list are comfortable with various languages. If your Facebook status updates post is in English language only then people who are not proficient in reading and understanding English won’t like it. If you make status updates only in your regional language then others who don’t understand your regional language will get frustrated. The best idea is to try multiple language daily.

Idea no.10) Do check-in when at popular places
Using checkin option on facebook
You can use check-in option on facebook to show people where you are travelling recently. Possibility is that some of them might be travelling to the same place and you may find companion there to kill time or as a helping hand for some work there.  Check in option is more than showoff.

Idea no.11) Use Feelings option on Facebook
Using feeling option on facebook

Idea no.12) Praise people and institution who help you anyway
Gratitude is a good a quality. Many People use social media to bully others. You may use the same platform to thank the people and institution who benefited you.

Idea no.13) Post Motivation quotes posters
Oh yeah. No matter how much emotional strong we are, we surely need motivation. Post Motivation quotes posters to create positive energy for you and your facebook friends.

Idea no.14) Create your own FB quotes
You are born intelligent. Your experience,knowledge and wisdom must not remain hidden. While sharing the quotes of great personalities is surely a good thing to do, but creating something on your own and sharing with others will satisfy you immensely. Take pledge to create your own FB quotes.

Idea no.15) Share latest news article links
We are talking about FB status update then we must know that people want to love to be updated about various things. Sharing latest news article links good idea.

Idea no.16) Share youtube videos
Increase in internet speed across world has enabled internet users to watch videos online. People love to watch web series, funny videos, cute clips of pets, romantic songs, speeches of famous celebrities etc. You may find variety of videos on youtube and you just have to paste the link on your FB wall.

Idea no.17) Reshare FB posts of others
This is one of the easiest and least time consuming idea to do FB status update. You just have to click on SHARE button on your friends’ fb posts.
Reshare friends post on facebook

Idea no.18) Reshare your own old FB posts
When feeling lazy but still want to update FB, then you may revisit your old FB status updates and share one of them which had earned you lots of like and comments earlier. Cute no ? 😛

Idea no.19) Do pranks
Yes. You read it right. Facebook is fun place. Have fun with your self and with others by making a prank status updates. But do accept in the end that what you did was just prank and nothing else.

Idea no.20) Be creative
Be creative. Think more Ideas for Facebook status update with msgs and photos to get likes and comments.

How to get .edu backlinks ethically?

With the demise of black hat seo and rise of organic seo, it has become more important for SEO experts to develop a more quality and more authentic link back. Gone are the days when link-building activity was done with ease just by making forum posts and blog comments and directory submissions. Introduction of no-follow tag also created problems for link builders. Now, it is known fact that link building is must for Organic seo as well, you need to find out ways to build links creative and ethical way.

Getting .edu back links has been gaining more importance now. But it is not easy for everyone to get the back link from such a authoritative site. An education Institute’s website is not just another website which will pass on links just like that. As a professionally link builder you need to findout ways to earn the links from their site and which are legitimate.

Your research should begin with the study of .edu websites only. List the .edu domains from which you want to get link back. Checkout the website thoroughly to find where they have linked to an external site. Make a list of scope. Analyse the list again and then see if any of your website has an opportunity to be linked from .edu website. Once you findout the area where your link can appear, findout the way to get it there.  .edu website will link to your website either if they come to know via you naturally and feel like linking to your site so that it can help their website visitor or you approach them with your motive. Be honest in your approach. More importantly know why they should provide link to your website. If you are not convinced, they won’t be either. So, be genuine. No tricks, no gimmicks. Even if you get a back link by trick there, they will find it later on and remove it. The best approach is to be straight in your communication with them.

Now let us Guide you on various opportunities for link building from .edu website on the basis of our study of various education websites. Following are the ways out…..

1) Outgoing Link to online media reports
Educational institutes are public identities who often get featured in news papers and news websites on number of occasions be it during admission process, for festival celebration, for various events organised by them, during result time, etc. They loved to be get cover by news reporters. Once they find online stories about them, they post the link to story in the Media section of the .edu website. So, if you have media website or blog, you may run a story on them and earn chance to get the backlink from their .edu website if they put link to your web story.

2) Be a guest Speaker at Educational institute
Capacity development cells of all colleges and educational institutes regularly invite industry professionals to take guest lecture and enlighten their students with their insights. This is the easiest way to get .edu link website as their website will be having article containing information about you visiting as a guest along with your bio details. If they know that you have a website, they would love to mention it in their article. If they have blond spot about it and do not consider any such report, you may guide them to have such articles on their website so that students and other media professionals may take a hint from that story and use it as online press release.

3) Be guest blogger on .edu website
Incase you can not make in person to an institute which is so far from geographically, you have one more way to get the back link. And this time it is direct approach. Offer to be guest blogger on the education website. If you are good at blogging then they won’t mind giving out space to some one who is writing for free for their website. Blog authors have a bio section where you can put your weblink.

4) Forum Posts and Comments
This is One of the oldest tricks of link building which no longer works on most of the sites but trying the same on .edu website is no harm. Many .edu websites have forums and blog comments open for site visitors. If the website has enabled do-follow on outgoing links then you have hit the jackpot. Little bit of hard work is necessary to research and make list of such .edu websites. But who said that SEO is easy? Had it been that easy everyone could have made billions.

5) Target Resources Section on the .edu website
Many .edu websites have resource section which has link to online websites offering useful information to students and their visitors. For example .edu website for MBA programme may have resource section linking to online resources sharing articles and whitepapers on Management. If you have management case-studies available on your website for management student, you can approach the institution to put link to it on their website.

There can be number of tips and tricks to be share on ways to get backlink from .edu website but as of now these 5 should work.

Hope you liked this article and our efforts to guide you on link building for Organic SEO process.
We are committed to provide guidance, tricks, tips and ideas on various subjects via this online website.

Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google

‘Organic SEO for Google’ is the long-tail key phrase which matters to us, the organic seo consultants. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates turned the SEO industry upside down world wide. There were many heartaches as top ranking website not only ranked low but started disappearing from the serp. Many websites using blackhat seo techniques survived Panda, got crushed in penguine update. Google has maintained since the beginning in its webmaster’s guideline about the quality standard of a website to rank well in Google search engine.

What is Organic SEO?
With the demise of black hat SEO post panda-penguine, the new terminology emerged for white hat seo. i.e. Organic SEO.
The phrase  Organic SEO is made of two words.  Organic + SEO where Organic means Natural and SEO means Search Engine optimisation. The Organic SEO Process is that in which you don’t over do SEO and simply follow the Google’s webmaster guideline ethically to get your website indexed and ranked higher for the targeted keywords.

Why is organic seo important?
As lots of black hat seo experts were spamming the google search algorithm, Google had no option left other than striking with Panda and Penguine updates. Google search is flagship product of Google company. The reason Google enjoys the highest market share in online Search market, it is only because of its quality search results which were not matched by Yahoo search or Bing or any other search engine on world wide web. To sum up, Organic SEO is important for better user experience visitors not only for Google but for your website too.

If you an aspiring SEO enthusiast and is looking for an online guide to answer question like “how to do organic seo?” then let us share with you Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google. If you like this basic introduction to new age SEO, please let us know by commenting on this webpage.

Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google
1) Register a keyword reach domain name
2) Create an SEO friendly website as per Google Webmasters’ guideline
3) Add website to Google’s index using google webmaster tools via Search Console
4) Try to get quality link building 
5) Continuously update the website with new useful content

SEO is such a vast subject which can be discussed technically, strategically,ethically and on the basic of many other perspectives. In this article, we are trying to show you a larger picture from the top angle. Take this with a pinch of salt and try to understand the larger context as explained. Here we go.

Organic SEO Guide

1) Register a keyword reach domain name
On the basis of our experience in seo industry, we guarantee you that this is one of the most important factor in the Organic SEO process. Try to have one of your most important keyword in the domain name. For e.g.  the domain name of this website is keyword. i.e. Guidea2z.com
The domain name contains ‘Guide‘ the most important keyword for this website and Guide + A2z together also conveys that the this website offers complete guide on various topics. If wanted this website for SEO guide only then we could have added the keyword SEO also somewhere in the domain name but we wish this site to be online guide for range of subjects. Thus a small yet seo friendly and user friendly domain name is surely a win win strategy. Make it sure that your domain is not filled with keywords only. If your site doesn’t offer relevant good content then exact match domains are considered spam.
For the Organic SEO purpose, the other factor to consider while registering a domain is the domain extension. If you are targeting the visitors of any specific country then you should go for country specific domain names. If you are a photographer then .photography domain extension is for you. In the early years of internet only a few domain extension were available but the range has expanded a lot in recent years. So the conclusion is….Select the best keyword reach domain with appropriate domain extension. Here we are done with the first step of Organic SEO Process.

2) Create an SEO friendly website as per Google Webmasters’ guideline
Q. How to get your website on the first page of Google for targeted keywords?
A. By developing a website as per Google webmasters’ Guideline

How simple is that? Yes. We mean it.  Developing an seo friendly website is not rocket science. You just have to follow the guideline provided by google. It included what to do and what not do. To brief you in short, all your targeted keywords should be present in webpage url, H1 tag, Alt tag, In the content body and the links to it from inside the website. The most important place on the website to have the Keywords is Title Tag. Having keywords in the domain, title tag and in the body covers almost 50% of the organic seo. Your website to be eligible for indexing and ranking, must have an original and useful content. The language and code quality of the website also should be impeccable. Having a responsive website is latest SEO factor. There is much more to be taken into consideration for developing an seo friendly website. You can findout more at Google webmasters’ guideline. You may come up with creative SEO ideas but apply them in compliance with the guideline to avoid any negative effect in future seo performance.

3) Add website to Google’s index using google webmaster tools via Search Console
Once you are sure that your website is in compliance with the Google webmaster guideline, submit the url to google via google webmaster tools. Google bots will visit your website and index them gradually depending upon the quality and quantity of the website. Ideally a new wordpress website with no back link gets visited by google bots in a day and the homepage gets indexed on the same day.

4) Try to get quality link building
Ideally,if we are talking about Organic SEO practice, then the link building should not come in a picture and backlinks should be built organically purely on the quality and usefulness of the site to others. But you can not wait for someone to acknowledge for you efforts and link to your website on their website. You have to do ethical and quality link building with some restraint.
Avoid participating in link exchange a bad seo link building strategy which will only earn your website penalty from google.
There are two ways to do good link building.
1) Be part of relevant online forums which allow do-follow signature links.
2) Find a scope for others and request them to link to your website on their website which will eventually help their site visitors. For e.g. if you writing an article on you website regarding online marketing and there is mention of Organic SEO Process, you can link it to this article. Thus, our guide a2z website will get relevant link back and your article reader will also appreciate you directing them to other useful information which may help them.

5) Continuously update the website with new useful content
Google loves fresh content. If there are two articles about Organic SEO process and if ours is latest article with other factors remaining the same, we will rank higher in SERP than the sites which were not updated recently. Google’s endevour is to offer as fresh content as it can to its users. By creating fresh content you are helping them serve the google search engine users. When you make Google happy, Google makes you happy by putting your website on top of the SERP.

Hope, you found Step by Step guide to Organic SEO for Google useful and many of your seo related query could have been answered.

Consumer Buying Process explained step by step with Example

As a student of marketing or a marketing professional you must have heard the marketing terminology such as ‘Consumer buying process’. Actually a consumer may be or may not be the buyer. We defined buyer as a person who is involved in the buying decision process from beginning since the end. So evenif we use the word Consumer, here in this marketing article think it as Buyer. So now Let us understand step by step the Consumer Buying Process  with Example.

 Steps of buying process
5 Steps of Consumer Buying Process :-
1) Need Recognition
2) Information Search
3) Evaluation of Alternatives
4) Purchase Decision
5) Post Purchase behavior

Let us understand the buying process in detail.

1) Need Recognition
Need for a product or service arises when there is a problem. But the recognition of problem doesn’t end-up in Need recognition. Hence the Need recognition is the first step in the consumer buying process. It is at this stage where the buyer thinks that there is requirement of certain service or certain product.
E.g. There is a wedding in the house and you as a family head has now realized that you need wedding photographers, music orchestra, a catering vendor and many others. The situation i.e. Wedding itself is a not the first step in the buying process because it is not compulsory to have wedding photography for everyone. There are people who don’t like getting photographed and they don’t hire photographer but a videographer only. So in that situation i.e. wedding is not the first step but the recognizing the need of photographer as you wishes to have one is the first step in the consumer buying process.

2) Information Search
As the consumer now knows what he or she needs, the next logical step in consumer buying process is to search for information of suppliers of services or products who can satisfy your needs. The potential buyer collects such information via references from his inner network including friends,relatives,family members,business colleagues etc. It should be remembered that the buyer only searches for the information for vendors only when he already don’t have fixed vendor. If one doesn’t have enough of information from the inner circle, he or she will look for other sources search as Google Search, Social media, directory search etc.
E.g. As the buyer has recognized the need of wedding photographer for the wedding function, he will now seek references of wedding photographers from family,friends or relatives who have wedding recently in their family. They would like to see the work done by photographer at their functions. If there are no such references, the potential buyer will search for local wedding photographers on google or make a post in Facebook seeking for the reference. Thus the potential buyer of the services will collect search and collect the information from multiple source to have multiple choices.

3) Evaluation of Alternatives
               Out of all the alternatives you select only one person or company to satisfy your need. And this is the critical decision to be made by potential buyer during the consumer buying process. You need to evaluate the alternatives to chose the right vendor or supplier who can satisfy your needs at the price you want it. Here the Alternatives are converted from Need to Want.
E.g. From various source you got 5 references of wedding photographers. Now you need to see which photographer falls in your budget, your preference of wedding style be it traditional or candid photography, with video or without video etc.

4) Purchase decision 
After evaluating all the alternatives, you chose the best option which meets your requirements the best. You now decide and discuss the mode of payment, payment slabs and product delivery things with the vendor.
E.g. After considering all 5 wedding photographers you finalise one candid wedding photographer as you liked their work and he fits in your budget. Now you again confirm the date and time of the events.

5) Post Purchase behaviour
Once your buy a service or product, you become the buyer. Now as you consume the product or service, there are three possibilities. 1) That product/service meets the demand as per expectation. In that case you will be happy. 2) That Product/service doesn’t meet your expectation. In that case you will be upset and will complain about the same. 3) That Product and services are beyond your expectation and as a customer you are delighted. A delighted customer gives compliments and also promises to refer the vendor to the people in his or her own network.
Eg. If the photographer satisfies with this services, you will be happy. If he fails in his delivery as per expectation of customer, the customer will have solid complain as wedding is once in a life event.If the customer is delighted, he will recommend the photographer whenever there is need of any photographer in his network.